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Palo Alto Networks: Customer Product Council - Frankfurt

Date: 22-Feb-18 to 23-Feb-18
Location: Germany
Join us for our Customer Product Council, an two-day event where you’ll get an insider’s preview of our product road map. Meet our senior product team, network with other and: - Hear from our product experts on your critical security - Discuss your key challenges with other power - Discover how other customers are maximizing their use Palo Alto Networks® Next-Generation Security   Day 1:                1: p.m.     Meet and               1: p.m.     Customer               3: p.m.                   4: p.m.     Product               4: p.m.     Threats: Known and               5: p.m.     Closing               7: p.m.     Day 2:               8: a.m.               ...

Palo Alto Networks: Disrupt Cybersecurity Status Quo Pittsburgh PA

Date: 22-Feb-18 to 22-Feb-18
Location: United States
Break out of the cybersecurity status quo.  Meet subject matter experts and industry executives in a half day summit to learn about the evolution of cybersecurity.  AGENDA  3:00 p.m.   Registration Opens  3:30 p.m.    Protecting Our Digital Way Of Life 3:45 p.m.    Disrupting How Cybersecurity Is Consumed 4:15 p.m.    Accelerate and Secure Multi-Cloud Deployments 4:30 p.m.    Achieving A Resilient Cybersecurity Posture – A Panel with Your Peers 5:00 p.m.    Happy Hour & Networking 6:30 p.m.    Event Concludes      

Palo Alto Networks: Lunch & Learn: SIEM vs Behavioural Analytics

Date: 22-Feb-18 to 22-Feb-18
Location: Amsterdam / Netherlands
SIEM VS BEHAVIORAL ANALYTICS? WIE WINT DE WEDSTRIJD OVER HET VERKRIJGEN VAN INZICHT EN CONTROLE? Behavioral Analytics: een alternatief voor SIEM? ICT en Security specialisten binnen de gezondheidszorg worstelen met een overvloed aan informatie die te maken heeft met de beveiliging van de IC(M)T infrastructuur en om te kunnen zien of je te maken hebt met een cyberaanval of niet. We zien dat binnen de gezondheidszorg wordt gekeken naar een Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) als mogelijke oplossing om beter inzicht te krijgen, mede ingegeven door de komende GDPR wetgeving. Is dit de oplossing of moeten we verder kijken? En hoe zit dat met het Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) waar zorginstellingen mee te maken hebben of krijgen? En hoe maak ik een oplossing schaalbaar? Tijdens ...

Start Up a Business in 2018 - Ideas for Green thinkers - increase Wellbeing

Date: 24-Feb-18 to 24-Feb-18
Location: United Kingdom
Steps to increase Wellbeing - Want to Start Up a Business in 2018? - Ideas for Green thinkers Welcome  This exciting event in Hammersmith, London is the place to be for all of you wanting to get off to a flying start with RINGANA in the UK. Spend an hour with us - RINGANA- Winner of the 2017 European Business Award - (Chairman's Award) - and learn how & why we are growing annually at over 40-50% and how you can join our successful Green Business and build a potentially properous future. A unique opportunity with an award winning company - with integrity.This is what you can look forward to -  You will learn more about RINGANA’s unique philosophy of absolute freshness, important information on opportunities .....and possibilities for success as a Ringana UK Fresh Partner. We'll ...

2nd Microbiome AgBioTech Summit 2018

Date: 26-Feb-18 to 28-Feb-18
Location: Raleigh / United States
The 2nd Microbiome AgBioTech Summit returns to share new insights into how the soil and plant microbiome can be effectively engineered for efficient nutrient management, sophisticated pest and pathogen control and help alleviate the impact of abiotic stress factors. By sharing ideas with forward thinking AgBioTech organizations, this meeting will help you find solutions to the greatest challenges and opportunities involved in the industrial discovery, production and commercialization of beneficial microbes for agricultural application. To find out more about the speakers and sessions we will discuss during the meeting take a look at the event guide here: Why We’re Excited for the 2nd Microbiome AgBioTech • Hear 30+ speakers from the forefront of plant and ...

Structural Integrity Design and Validation Technologies

Date: 27-Feb-18 to 28-Feb-18
Gain insights from across the engineering functions, including structural integrity specialists, non-destructive testing practitioners and those operating and maintaining components. By sharing cross industry knowledge and experience, the conference will provide powerful solutions to everyday and emerging challenges. The event will also benefit from a focus on asset management and improvement of uptime across multiple industries including thermal power, nuclear, oil & gas, railway, automotive, aerospace and marine. Hear insights and expertise from senior engineers across Power Generation, Nuclear, Automotive, Aerospace, Rail, Marine, Construction and Manufacturing industries. Plus, continue the conversations and make new connections at the dedicated networking dinner at the end ...

Palo Alto Networks: Zero trust – revolutionising network and security ar...

Date: 27-Feb-18 to 27-Feb-18
Location: London / United Kingdom
Join  VMware  and  Alto Networks  on 27th February 2018 for a half day workshop (8:45am-12:30pm) at the Hospital Club in London to learn more about NSX Security. Overview: latest in a series of workshops that have proven very successful, you’ll first-hand how a  Zero Trust  approach to security can add layer of agility to modern networks impossible to achieve in traditional network designs. Technical innovations – virtual infrastructure, next generation firewalls and network orchestration – enabling organisations to adopt the principles of Zero Trust, trust no-one, ensure security is network agnostic and more data centric.  We’ll with you tools designed to demonstrate how to achieve much greater with these next generation ...

25th International Energy and Innovation Forum

Date: 27-Feb-18 to 28-Feb-18
Location: Budapest / Hungary
Innovation, growth and sustainability focus in the field of energy, power, automotive, agricultural and financial industries. International and Domestic Energy Overview –Sustainability –Cryptocurrency –Heat Storage –District Heating –Energy in Sewage Water –REN Program inMorocco –Biomass –New Possibilities in Coal –E-Mobility from Alpha to Omega

Bulk Handling for Large Infrastructure Projects

Date: 28-Feb-18 to 28-Feb-18
Location: London / United Kingdom
With the UK government planning on investing £300 billion into infrastructure projects by 2020/21, bulk materials handling will be increasingly in demand in the next three years. Bulk Handling in Large Infrastructure Projects is the only event specifically focused on best practice in bulk management. Attend this seminar to hear how challenges have been managed by experts on major infrastructure projects, as well as plans for future projects. Hear about the latest technologies and techniques to reduce cost and energy usage in your planned projects. Network and share experience with experts, including waste recovery managers, tunnelling project managers and tunnelling engineers from engineering companies, contractors and solution providers. Attend this seminar to: • Hear lessons ...